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40th Anniversary Concert Live 2 CD Set - $10.00

Enjoy songs The Singing Weavers sang over 40 years ago as well as recent favorites.


40th Anniversary Concert Live DVD - $10.00

If you missed the concert, this DVD will make you feel like you never missed a second. It provides over an hour and a half of worship and fellowship. See interviews with Vickie, Terri and their families. In addition, see a post interview with the Weavers about how the group started and sharing stories from their 40 years of traveling.

It's All Good...With God - $10.00 Click on a song to hear a sample clip

It's Gonna Be A Good Day
Time Changes Daily
Home Is Where The Heart Is
No Doubt About It, My God Is Good
Paint Me A Picture
Get Out Of The Boat
No Bad New
Joy Forever
Both Side Of The River
Let Me Tell You 'Bout The Good News 

Let's Shine Together - $10.00 Click on a song to hear a sample clip
Let's Shine Together 
I'll Put On A Crown
There's A Praise
O What A Friend
Willing And Able
Leaving Soon
Bigger God
Believe Now
On My Journey Home
Just A Little Talk With Jesus 

Memories: From The Beginning -$10.00

The King And I
Tell My Friends
It Is No Secret
I Saw A Man
Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me
Harvest Time
I Shall Be At Home With Jesus
My God Can Do It
You Never Mentioned Him To Me
Mansion Over The Hilltop 

Giving God The Glory - $10.00

Blessed Is The Man
Give God The Glory
I'm Saved
A Sinner Went A Walkin'
Move Me Lord
Just A Rose Will Do
Get In The Ark
Chariots In The Hills 

Lord Let Your Spirit Dwell In Me - $10.00
When I Walk Into Heaven
Lord Let Your Spirit Dwell In Me
We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown
What A Lovely Name
God Will Deliver
When The Redeemed Are Gathering In
Satisfied With Me
It Took Jesus
If We Never Meet Again

When I Depart - $10.00

Talkin' About Movin'
When I Depart
He Can't Pass Through The Blood
His Forgiveness
When I Leave
Something Old, Somthing New
Just One Drop
Oceans Of Mercy
He Will Lead Me 

When I Depart DVD - $10.00

Blessed Is The Man
Give God The Glory
Sinner Went A Walkin'
When I Walk Into Heaven
Move Me Lord
I'm Saved
Walking High In Victory
What A Lovely Name
We Shall Wear A Robe And Crown
When I Depart
Lord Let Your Spirit Dwell In Me
Satisfied With Me 

Slim's Old Hymns - $10.00
Victory In Jesus
A New Name Written Down In Glory
I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian
Oh I Want To See Him
I'll Fly Away
Eastern Gate
He Set Me Free
Where Could I Go? 

Alyssia - $10.00
When I Get There
Where Did The Mountain Go?
If There Were No Grace
Thankful And Blessed
He'll Be There
You're The Reason
Heaven Came To Me
Let Me Touch Jesus
I'm Going Over 

O What A Friend - $10.00
Wonderful, Glorious Day
That Will Be The Last Move For Me
O What A Friend
Roll That Burden On Me
Walking High In Victory
Lord I Have A Mountain
On Dry Ground
Here To Sing The Praises Of My Lord
Have A Lot Of Good Times
Next Time
Sweet Holy Spirit